Which Customers Are At-Risk

Of Leaving Your Business In 30 Days?

UTurn uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to reveal which customers are at-risk of leaving your business in the next week or month. With UTurn you'll know which customers you should take action to save as well as which customers are low-risk for churning. 

Start Reducing Your Customer Attrition Today.

Early identification of dissatisfaction leads to happier customers.

Please Customers

Focus retention efforts & offerings towards highest risk customers.

Save Money

Increased retention directly increases the bottom-line.

Boost Profits

Intelligent Customer Retention 

Spot Trends

Identify trends in your customer attrition so you can take action.

How It Works

Data + Machine Learning

At the most basic level, machine learning/artificial intelligence is the use of computers to find patterns in complex data. 

In this case, UTurnAI is analyzing your past sales data and identifying patterns that are associated with customers who have left your business as well as patterns associated with customers who have stayed. 

While it is true that the more data that you have the more accurate your predictions will be, UTurn is still accurate on smaller datasets. As long as you have a small history of sales UTurn can likely identify churn risk for your customers.

(Read more about the data that the UTurn Data team looks for below).



Tailored AI Model

As UTurn identifies patterns in your customer sales data, it stores these patterns (known as a model). The UTurn AI model is evaluated continuously to see how well the customer risk scores match up to reality. Once the model reaches a significant accuracy it is deployed and starts producing live churn risk scores on your active customers.


Analysis & Modeling

Predict, Prevent, Profit

UTurn's churn risk scores are based on the probability that each customer has of leaving your business in the next week or month.

These risk scores guide you in taking action to prevent the exit of customers that are high risk as well as the time and money savings from avoiding extra promotions/discounts for customers who are low risk.

You can view your customer risk scores in the UTurn dashboard or use the UTurn API to integrate the scores into your existing products/processes.



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Reduce Customer Attrition Today.

UTurn Trend Reporting


Customer Tenure

And Many More 

(Ask us about Custom Churn & At-Risk Reports)

Data Details

UTurn handles a range of data types and dimensions in order to build the most accurate customer risk scores. 

Customer Sales Data

Product/Service Data

Customer behavior data

Behavior Data

Who is the customer?

(geography, demographics)

How is the customer using/interacting with the product/service?

What exactly is the customer buying?

How much does it cost?

Time data


When do customers buy?

When do they cancel?

External Data

Weather, economy, competition

(Ask about UTurn Data Add-Ons)

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have a lot of data?

Small datasets are usually not a problem. The more data, the better the results, but the UTurn Data Team can handle small datasets and UTurn Data Add-Ons can help fill in the gaps.

Is our customer data secure?

All data that is imported/shared with UTurn is encrypted during transmission as well as encrypted at rest. Contact the UTurn team for all the information about our security protocols.

What if I have different classes of customers?

Many UTurn clients have multi-class customers (Business Customers & Consumer Customers). Often times the behaviors are different for different classes and one model doesn't suffice. In this case, UTurn will provide separate models for each separate class of customers.

Is our data private, do you sell our data?

Absolutely NOT. Your data  & models remain yours and if you ever leave UTurn all data and models are removed from our system.

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